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The Canadian Game Studies Association (CGSA/ACÉJ) is an organization dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of digital games. Its primary goal is to support the work of Canadian researchers, graduate students, artists, game designers, programmers, theorists, and others working in this field. CGSA will also attempt to provide opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and cross-disciplinary support for its members, in part, through Loading: A Journal of the Canadian Game Studies Association and our annual conference.

L’Association canadienne d’études des jeux (CGSA/ACÉJ) est une organisation dédiée à l’étude interdisciplinaire des jeux numériques. Son objectif principal est de soutenir le travail des chercheurs canadiens, des étudiants des cycles supérieurs, des artistes, des concepteurs de jeux, des programmeurs, des théoriciens et des autres personnes travaillant dans ce domaine. L’ACÉV tentera également d’offrir à ses membres des possibilités de collaboration et du soutien interdisciplinaire, notamment grâce à notre revue savante « Loading: A Journal of the Canadian Game Studies Association » et à notre conférence annuelle.”

The logo for "LUDOV" featuring a teal polyhedral die and the name of the organisation.
The logo for the University of Toronto Faculty of Information: McLuhan Centre for Culture & Technology, featuring the University crest on the left side.
the logo for the university of toronto faculty of information, centre for culture & technology
The logo for Homoludens, which is just the text "homoludens" with "e" shaped like a power button.
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A logo for Brock University's Faculty of Humanities: Department of Digital Humanities. It is basically just the text in-line, but Brock is highlighted with a red rectangle and there is a red vertical line ahead of Department of Digital Humanities