The Canadian Game Studies Association/ l’Association canadienne d’études vidéoludiques (CGSA/ACÉV) is an organization dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of digital games. Its primary goal is to support the work of Canadian researchers, graduate students, artists, game designers, programmers, theorists, and others working in this field. CGSA will also attempt to provide opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and cross-disciplinary support for its members, in part, through Loading: A Journal of the Canadian Game Studies Association and our annual conference.

Current CGSA Executive Commitee:
Dr. Jennifer Jenson (York University) – President
Dr. Felan Parker (Concordia University) – Vice-President, Conference Co-Coordinator
Stephanie Fisher (York University) – Treasurer
Dr. Cat Goodfellow (Independent Scholar) – Secretary, 2015 Local Conference Contact
William Robinson (Concordia University) – Membership Coordinator
Stéphanie Cadieux (Université de Montréal) – French Language Coordinator
Dr. Kelly Bergstrom (York University) – Conference Co-Coordinator
Aiden Buckland (University of Calgary) – 2015 Local Conference Contact